At Mac’s Music School, we only hire teachers with exceptional qualities. All our teachers are diploma or degree holders. Your child will enjoy our positive and nurturing environment in our music school. With numerous concerts and music camps planned for them, they will have many opportunities to be inspired and motivated. The quality of music education that we provide at the school will make a difference in developing:










We hold regular pre-course talks before starting new courses and parent/teacher meetings to clear the doubts of parents about teaching methods and how their children will progress.


Our Philosophy









Our Professional Team

We only hire teachers with exceptional qualities. Our teachers are diploma or degree holders. The teachers constantly upgrade and update themselves through regular in-house discussions and through attending local or overseas seminars and workshops. See Teachers profile click here.


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  • their interest in music

  • their character and social being

  • their listening and understanding skill to music

  • their ability to communicate through performing

  • creative thinking and ability to think at a higher level

  • their level of confidence and self-worth

  • their love for learning music

  • Every child has the ability to learn music
  • Learning environment with a positive-to-negative ratio greater than 3 to 1
  • Exposure and enthusiasm leads to interest
  • A student needs to be reminded more than to be taught
  • Teaching the child how to practice and teaching the parent how to guide the child at home is important
  • Teamwork between student, parent and teacher
  • Participation in concerts is a fine motivating force for students at any level
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