Parents' Concerns on Child's Short Attention Span

Parents are often concerned with children who cannot pay attention in class. Most of them are worried that that their child might result in “under-achieving” or even afraid that the child might not be interested in making music. In Mac’s Music School, the parents’ anxiety is reversed. Classes for the young are segmented in a way where music is taught through joy, laughter, fun and movement. Research shows that a toddler spends 18 to 24 months in his life searching for answers through physical movement. He has a natural instinct to satisfy his curiosity by learning through imitation, observation and repetition. With this in mind, our lessons are designed in such way that make use of these dev

The Importance of Parental Support and Participation

Parents are the first people a child learns to trust. Parents and families are the most important people in children’s lives. All children rely on their parents for support regardless of whether it is a physical support or an emotional support especially so during the early years of a child. Hence, parents play an important role in all areas of a child’s life including the child’s character molding and also in all their learning skills. Active parental participation is needed and fully recommended in each stage of growth of a child and this includes their musical development. This is especially so as the first six years of the life of a child is the most responsive and receptive to all kin

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