oh my goodness... "Let's get it over and done with" ???....NO!!!

A grade 5 theory certificate is what a student require to obtain before proceeding to any level above grade 6. I often hear students, parents, teachers or even institution saying this phrase, "Let's take the grade 5 theory soonest and get it over and done with". Sincerely, I find this is a ridiculous and dangerous mentality. It represents a clear sign of miscontrued understanding on the logic behind this regulation. A good, thorough knowledge of music theory is the one of the essential keys to an intelligent experience to a child's learning of musical instruments, whatever they are. Thus, in order to eradicate this misconception on the learning of music theory, concepts of topics related hav

If you are happy, you say 'Oh Yeah!!!' - Music Making along the road to recovery😊

When we were invited to conduct a series of monthly music sessions at Stroke Support Station (S3), our hearts and minds are filled with anticipation and trepidition. Anticipation, because we strongly believe that music heals the mind, sooth the soul. The singing and beat activities are also the most organic physical activities that will lead the stroke survivors to physical recovery. Trepidition? Definitely! As much as we are passionate about this project, we have to be sensitive and aware of the participants limitations and their sensitive soul. After 5 sessions, much to our delight, the interactions between us bloomed! Through the months, we have progressed from us performing to stroke pat

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