About Cello Group Course

Age Group: 4-7 years old
Lesson Duration: 45 minutes per lesson per week
Course Duration: 12 months (4 terms)


New Intake

Saturday 5pm - 5.45pm (May 2018)


Cello Group Class adopts the philosophy of famous educator Dr Suzuki, which is child developmental, experimental and highly sequential. Also known as the ‘Mother Tongue’ Method, the children learn the cello through listening to good playing, imitating a good example and repeating on what they acquired. With learning process being broken down into several small steps, the child will experience success and thus gain confidence and interest.


Through active parent participation, the child not only will practice and learn how to play the cello with a competent mentor at home, but will also be engaged in a tremendous bonding experience.


Through the standard Suzuki repertoire, the children will learn:

a.        Posture

b.        Rhythm

c.        Tone/Intonation

d.        Musical Expression

e.        Note Reading (supplementary material)

f.         Ensemble Playing

If you wish to know more about the course, call to reserve a Q&A session with our School Principal Mac Chang and Teacher Stella.


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