Individual Music lessons at the Mac’s Music School prepare students to express themselves musically and acquire the skills necessary to successfully participate in ensembles, perform in public, and at the same time enjoy a lifelong love for Music.  We organize monthly ensemble classes and various Performance experiences for all levels that offer students valuable opportunities to play in a group setting, for social interactions and also serve as a positive reinforcement of skills learned in the one to one setting. The students’ skills and musicianship will also be assessed by Recognised Exam Boards such as ABRSM and Trinity and also various performance platforms and Competitions.







As a NEW student or continuation of group classes, the child receives individual attention from our teachers. Teachers will work closely with the parents, sharing with them their experiences on how to help the child on their practices at home. 

With the learning process being broken down into several small steps, the child will experience success and thus gain in their confidence and Musical Interest.

Using a broad framework set and designed by the School, our experienced Teachers exercise local initiatives to further enhance the Curriculum and thus cater to the needs of every Mac's Music School student.


The child will learn the techniques and musicianship which will be assessed by Recognised Exam Board or at various performing platforms. The monthly Ensemble class is an integral part of our curriculum. It enables students to work alongside with their peers who share a common repertory, musical skill and aspiration. 

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