The Importance of Parental Support and Participation

Parents are the first people a child learns to trust. Parents and families are the most important people in children’s lives. All children rely on their parents for support regardless of whether it is a physical support or an emotional support especially so during the early years of a child. Hence, parents play an important role in all areas of a child’s life including the child’s character molding and also in all their learning skills. Active parental participation is needed and fully recommended in each stage of growth of a child and this includes their musical development. This is especially so as the first six years of the life of a child is the most responsive and receptive to all kinds of learning skills particularly in music. Research shows that there is a positive relationship between high quality music education, parents' activities and interactions with their child, and healthy child development. Therefore, we strongly believe in the Student-Parent-Teacher relationship in the course of every child’s early music education.

Parents need not be stress about the need in their involvement. You are not required to do the job of a teacher but just simply to step in as a coach. This allows the time spent in the class to be as valuable as the time you and your child spend together exploring music at home. A good coach needs an understanding of the subject -music. This can be plainly realized through continual participation of music classes with your child on a regular basis. Thus, music education carefully guided by responsible parents and trained teachers can help the child in their progressive development in music, motor, thinking, social, and emotional skills.

Drawing Together

Our early music education curriculum will be a holistic approach that promotes both development and readiness in many areas of the child’s life. This is done not only through the implementation of age-appropriate activities but also through the efforts of parents nurturing their child in ways that support learning. Together with our unique curriculum, your child will reap the benefits of the collaborative efforts of parents and early childhood professionals bringing him to love music, and also bring his music education to the finest results. Most importantly you and your child will have many hours of wonderful quality time together.

Father and Son


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