Parents' Concerns on Child's Short Attention Span

Parents are often concerned with children who cannot pay attention in class. Most of them are worried that that their child might result in “under-achieving” or even afraid that the child might not be interested in making music.

In Mac’s Music School, the parents’ anxiety is reversed. Classes for the young are segmented in a way where music is taught through joy, laughter, fun and movement. Research shows that a toddler spends 18 to 24 months in his life searching for answers through physical movement. He has a natural instinct to satisfy his curiosity by learning through imitation, observation and repetition. With this in mind, our lessons are designed in such way that make use of these developmental milestones to guide and train children. Through their engagement in activities of fun and play - singing songs, playing musical games, doing actions, playing their mini percussions etc - it keeps the child occupied throughout the lesson.

There will always be an inter-link of musical motive behind the activities they perform in class. Hence when the child recalls the fun activities, he will desire to reproduce it at home. In other words, this makes learning the piano and music concepts painless for the child. He will then be more engaged in the learning process and become less fidgety during class. However parents are advised to be more patient and persistent in the child’s learning process. It is important that parents give encouragement to their child as it would stimulate a positive learning attitude towards music.

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