If you are happy, you say 'Oh Yeah!!!' - Music Making along the road to recovery馃槉

When we were invited to conduct a series of monthly music sessions at Stroke Support Station (S3), our hearts and minds are filled with anticipation and trepidition. Anticipation, because we strongly believe that music heals the mind, sooth the soul.

The singing and beat activities are also the most organic physical activities that will lead the stroke survivors to physical recovery. Trepidition? Definitely! As much as we are passionate about this project, we have to be sensitive and aware of the participants limitations and their sensitive soul.

After 5 sessions, much to our delight, the interactions between us bloomed! Through the months, we have progressed from us performing to stroke patients to quasi music lessons that cover pitch recognition, singing with lyrics that will help speech awareness, to playing the percussion instruments in parts while learning to look at conductor's gestures. Watch the video clip below!

Once a month, we look forward to see each other for the activities. What can be more fulfilling when we hear all of them sing together, with rhythmic accuracy playing on the percussion instruments - If you're happy and you know you say "OH YEAH!!"

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