oh my goodness... "Let's get it over and done with" ???....NO!!!

A grade 5 theory certificate is what a student require to obtain before proceeding to any level above grade 6. I often hear students, parents, teachers or even institution saying this phrase, "Let's take the grade 5 theory soonest and get it over and done with".

Sincerely, I find this is a ridiculous and dangerous mentality. It represents a clear sign of miscontrued understanding on the logic behind this regulation. A good, thorough knowledge of music theory is the one of the essential keys to an intelligent experience to a child's learning of musical instruments, whatever they are.

Thus, in order to eradicate this misconception on the learning of music theory, concepts of topics related have to be presented in the form of sound and making the learning experience closely related to the performance experience.

The formulas and short cuts have to be delivered to the theory students in ways that explains the practical experience of music. In fact, theory lessons are just about making sense of beat and pitch!

Let's make music theory learning a part of the holistic music learning journey!

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