Viola - a great choice of my musical journey.

Sharing my thoughts on the great choice for my musical journey - the Viola.

Learning to play an instrument is essentially learning how to read an entirely new language. You are learning to be present and in the moment. It teaches you to concentrate, to focus and to be patient. It develops cognitive skills and social abilities and last but not least, gives you a great way to clear the mind of stress.

There are lots personal reasons for choosing the viola over the violin as a main instrument.

This special instrument produces a rich, dark tone. In many ways especially in the spectrum of melancholy dreams and laments, I felt the viola is able to express much more than the violin. For this, I love the voice of the Viola, it's tonal colours and nuances are vital to me.

In the string family, other than the double bass, not many plays the viola. This makes me feel privileged, special and unique playing the viola. It is the only instrument in the world that uses the alto clef as a fundamental clef. Violist plays not only music written for the viola but also for other instruments like the violin and cello. Because of this Violist learn how to read many different clefs, and thus gives us an advantage in the area of music theory knowledge.

Being able to perform a wide variety of instruments’ music also means violist are capable of playing different genres of music. The beautiful instrument was the instrument of choice for W.A. Mozart. ​​It was rumoured that Mozart directed his first performance from the viola. My favourite and one of the most beautiful double concerto is his Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola.

Till today, many Composers wrote for the viola. You might be surprise that many composers play the Viola, they include Haydn, Bach, Beethoven, Dvorak, Britten, Hindemith, Frank Bridge, Rebecca Clarke etc

Violist are good team players! In chamber and orchestra setting, Violists play the harmonies, we support and bring out the beauty of melodies. How crucial in music! It is definitely a wonderful experience to be in the middle of the textures underpinning the harmony. That's why..... No more Viola jokes, please! :)

The uncommon specialty as a Viola player becomes even more valuable when it is needed-school string ensemble, a string quartet or any music teams where music lovers are into the wonderful,magic journey.

The challenge is for you to choose the Viola as your new beginning!

Come learn with us, the Viola team at Mac's Music School.

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