Wilfred Bay, a professional pianist, double bassist and music arranger, has been a familiar face in local and foreign music scene. As a pianist and bass player, he has performed extensively all over the world with international artistes. He was also a Music Arranger with Music and Drama Company and TCS (former Mediacorp).
Holding a Diploma in Piano Performance from LCM, Bay is one of the longest serving and sought after teacher in Mac’s Music School. His passion for teaching is palpable and he is a firm believer of life long learning. In his early years, he travelled to New York to learn piano and double bass. For pedagogy, he attended seminars and workshops by Professor Edward Ho and John Howard; for 
personal music enhancement, he attended Masterclasses by Gary Karr, Hiromi Uehara and many more.
Bay teaches the Piano, Guitar, and Theory in Mac's Music School.